Industrial Coatings

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Vertex has many years of experience on petrochemical and
mining plants on blasting and painting projects.


We have sophisticated abrasive preparation equipment, including needle scalers, bristle and garnet blasters.
We can mobilize rapidly and set up within 24 hours.  We have in-house NACE qualified staff for any coating or NDT project.
Surface preparation
  • Mechanical
  • Dry garnet blasting
  • Needle scalers
  • Bristle blasters
  • Pneumatic grinding & cutting
  • Soda blasting
  • Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting


Lifting and Hauling
  • Vacuum recovery
  • Containment and encapsulation systems


Coating Applications
  • Airless spray equipment
  • Air assisted spray equipment
  • Pressure pot spraying
  • Power rollers
  • Brush, roller and spatula application