Building Maintenance

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Vertex Access Solutions maintains a perfect safety record 
are leaders in the field of high rise building maintenance
via industrial rope access abseiling methods.


Most buildings have exposed horizontal surfaces, planter boxes and roof top decks.  Vertex has experience in all facets of waterproofing and a vast knowledge in the selection and application of the right product to resolve water ingress issues in these vulnerable areas.
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Leak detection, wet sealing, joint sealing


High pressure cleaning


Corroded steel window lintel repairs

Many of the older style brick buildings around SE Queensland were built using blue steel lintels above the windows, which corrode over time, creating water ingress and staining. We have the knowledge and the right tools to cut out bricks and to replace lintels with stainless steel without the need for scaffold.


Planter box covers

Planter boxes on building roofs often create water ingress problems.  Solutions include removing plants and re-waterproofing.  Alternatively, we can offer a more permanent option by installing custom made covers.


Rain collector heads, conduit clips and downpipe brackets

It doesn’t take long for sheet metal products to corrode in our harsh coastal environment.  Rain heads, conduit saddles and downpipe brackets generally start to rust within 2 years. We can fabricate and replace these items with long lasting stainless steel equivalents in the same shape and size. Stirrups, triple grips, vents and flashing are also available in stainless steel.


Façade inspections and reporting, grid references, digital imaging and drone footage


Birds, rodents and pests

Birds, rodents and other pests can make a real mess when they choose your building as a nesting site.  Vertex offers cost effective solutions to these problems without the need for scaffold.


Powder coated screens, louvres and awnings

Most powder coated finishes fade and deteriorate over time.  Where practical, we can remove screens off site, sandblast, re-powder coat and install.  The result is as good as new.


Confined space entry
Hauling and lowering