Wollombi, Kings Beach

Wollombi, Kings Beach

Positioned directly in the face of prevailing south easterly winds of this part of Queensland, Wollombi receives the lions share of salt spray and extreme winds. As a result, part of the external repaint of the complex entailed significant repairs to rectify the spalling (concrete cancer) damage to some areas. With no direct access to the roof, we deployed our own mobile scaffold to  allow us to install a fully comprehensive roof safety system. Once full and safe access was achieved we completed the following:

  • Grinding of existing membrane coatings back to bare concrete
  • Application of a 5 coat waterproofing system as per Bayset specifications
  • Repairs to concrete spalling issue in lintels and one of the front balcony columns
  • Preparation and painting of previously painted areas, including repairs to blistering and peeling paint
  •  Painting of rooftop flashing
  • Application of polyurethane sealant to all balustrade posts

Our work will provide the building substrates with long lasting protection to combat this extreme marine environment.


February 5, 2018