Panavista, Caloundra

Panavista, Caloundra

This project in Caloundra consisted of numerous tasks, probably best highlighted in point form:

  • High pressure cleaning and mould treatment
  • Removal and disposal of old signage
  • Replacement of corroded stormwater and conduit brackets with stainless steel
  • Removal, supply and installation of new stainless steel rain heads
  • Painting of previously unpainted fences
  • Repairs and painting of garage doors
  • Application of waterproofing system to the rooftop deck
  • Painting of fascias, gutters and roofs
  • Painting of balustrades

Conducted during hot weather as one of our first jobs of 2018, the end result speaks for itself. Our customers are very pleased with the finished product which satisfies our #1 aim.


February 5, 2018