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High Rise Painting

Qualified Rope Access Painters Wanted

Vertex Brisbane are seeking qualified painters and brush hands for both ground work and industrial rope access for projects starting early next year. If you are interested, please contact


Suncoast Resort, Height Safety Rail Installation

As you can see by this photo, although there was an anchor point for qualified personnel to attach themselves, access onto this roof was very unsafe. Our team supplied and installed a 6 metre length of Sayfa aluminium guard rail to allow all future contractors safe transit to the...


Wharf Lodge, Maroochydore

It's not all high rise painting for the Vertex team. We also specialise in providing external painting and maintenance on smaller complexes such as this beauty in Maroochydore....


Sunset Sails, Redcliffe

This is what rigging on the roof looks like when you have multiple abseilers working on multiple elevations....